Pöchtrager – a (hi)story of success

Pöchtrager was founded in 1979 as a repair workshop for agricultural machinery. Ten years later, thanks to many exciting enquiries, we started to establish ourselves as a metalworking business, supported by continuous investments.

In 1991, the production hall with its indoor crane was built. In 2000, we extended our building to include a measuring room for mechanical production. Our fleet of machinery also grew larger and larger. We are especially proud of our latest investment: a large-scale photovoltaic system.


Pöchtrager was founded by Josef Pöchtrager as a sole trader, and was primarily a repair workshop for agricultural machinery.


At the start of the 90s, the business began to establish itself as a metalworking company.


The building was extended to include a production hall with indoor crane for the metalworking shop. Four years later, the company started to focus on mechanical production.


A further extension of the building with measuring room for mechanical production took place.


Pöchtrager became certified according to ISO 9001.


Restructuring of the business to become Pöchtrager Metallbearbeitung GmbH, with Markus Pöchtrager as Managing Director.


A photovoltaics system with 97 kWp output was built. This investment allows us to generate the majority of our energy requirement ourselves. Any surplus is transferred to an energy community. In doing so, we are proactively supporting the energy transition. This is our contribution to climate protection.

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